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fbcmd is a cross-platform tool that lets you use Facebook from the command line. It supports posting a status, uploading photos, creating albums, listing profile information for friends, display events or your stream, share links and lots more.

This little utility can be useful for those who want to quickly post a status on Facebook, upload some photos and so on without having to open a browser, or to use in scripts.

Install fbcmd in Ubuntu

To install fbcmd in Ubuntu, follow the steps below (the installation instructions below are for fbcmd 1.1 stable; for 2.0 beta, the installation is slightly different):

1. Install the required dependencies:

2. Download and install fbcmd using the commands below:

And that should complete the installation. To be able to use fbcmd, you need to give it access to your Facebook account:
– For basic access, run the following command – it should open a new tab in your default web browser, asking you to allow fbcmd to access Facebook:

– The second step is to authorize fbcmd to use Facebook in offline mode:

This once again opens a new tab in your default browser, which should display a code. Copy that code and run the following command:

Replacing “CODE” with the code you’ve copied from Facebook.

– And finally, to give fbcmd additional permissions, use the following command:

Now everything should be ready. to see all the available fbcmd options, type the following command in a terminal:

You can also find a list of available commands, with explanations and examples, HERE.

Here are a few fbcmd examples:

– update your status:

– upload a picture to an existing album called “myalbum”:

– display your Facebook stream:

Arch Linux users can install fbcmd via AUR.

For other Linux distributions, Windows or Mac OS X, download fbcmd from HERE.

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